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“I had the pleasure and the honor to work with Viara and Sonali in the organization of the threefold JOBCENTRIC webinar serie about integrating into the German employment market.
The information, the professionality and the preparation were excellent. They are very experienced and also passionate about their job and
they can truly help many expatriates to find the best solution for them in the German job market. In PWN we are grateful for the successful cooperation and are looking forward to organize joint activities in the future too. ”
PWN Board Member, Professional Womens Network, Munich, 2015

Private Clients
1on1 Consulting

“I hugely benefit from Viara and Sonali’s advice during the one-on-one coaching. They both supported me during the interview process, the salary negotiation and the start of my new job. Particularly in challenging situations Viara and Sonali always offer very practical advice and guidance that bears immediate results. I appreciate also that they are very much up to speed with the newest research on human resources related issues and will incorporate that into their coaching process. I can highly recommend both of them as I can see the benefits it brings. I am much better now at dealing with challenging situations at work and can manage them in a sensible manner. I´m also much better at communicating with my boss and boss’s boss. I also appreciate their flexibility around timing, when I have an urgent matter I need to discuss – they both make sure that we can speak at short notice.”
Miriam B., Senior Professional in Financial Services/Insurance Industry, Munich 2015

“I got in touch with JOBCENTRIC when I was seeking urgent support to understand the German interview process. Sonali and Viara offered me at short notice their expertise and helped me thoroughly to suit with the German way of answering questions during the interview. I was truly impressed by the high professionalism and the deep knowledge that both Sonali and Viara have. Undoubtedly this support helped me attain a new leadership role that was aiming for and since then I hooked on to JOBCENTRIC . Sonali and Viara helped me decode the German employment contract and most importantly negotiate the terms and conditions in the contract, which in my opinion is the most challenging aspect for any international professional. I always felt supported and all my questions answered patiently . What makes Sonali and Viara unique is that they customize their approach and service offer to adapt to their client’s needs.  I could highly recommend JOBCENTRIC to anyone who would like to see a positive change in their career in Germany.”
Audrey G., Director Operations, IT Industry, Munich 2015

“Being on a turning point of my career I was probably a challenging case for Viara and Sonali to determine my best opportunities. We defined together a clear strategy and implement it step by step practically. By analyzing my previous applications and interviews I felt the progress at each new interview.
Furthermore I have adapted my interviews for the German market and gain more assurance by structuring specifically them to the interlocutors.
The cooperation between Viara and Sonali is a great combination and I found their complementary point of views very helpful. Through a quick atmosphere of trust we exchange easily on my strong points and weaknesses and I improved effectively my communication skills.
With Viara and Sonali, I finally got a job corresponding really to my expectations, both at the level of the content and wage. I hope we will have further collaborations. I warmly recommend Viara and Sonali and I believe strongly that they will bring success to their expats customers.”
Benjamin P., Senior Business Analytics, IT Financial Industry, Frankfurt 2016

“I met Sonali via JOBCENTRIC when I was struggling to find a foothold in the German employment market. JOBCENTRIC seamlessly understands the potential and skills of the person and offers customized solutions to its clients to align with the German employment scenario. Sonali’s  solid understanding of the EU market combined with webinars on German employment laws have helped me in my career integration in Germany. The approach of JOBCENTRIC`s coaching is extremely professional and structured, setting small achievable goals in different phases gradually progressing to the final goal. You experience your progress and feel the value the process adds to your career integration every step of the way. I will definitely recommend JOBCENTRIC to skilled Expats seeking career integration in the EU market.”
Vandana G, HR Professional, Stuttgart 2015


“I attended two of JOBCENTRIC’s webinars on the topics “Fundamentals of the German job application” and “Strategies to success in a German job interview.” I was impressed by the good preparation, the relevance of the information placed into the context of the German job market, and the thorough approach that Sonali and Viara took to identify the important aspects of the application process, from beginning to end. What was interesting for me was to see statistics on concrete reasons why candidate applications failed and the combination of hard data with helpful advice and tips. I can only wish that I had attended one of their webinars in the beginning of my job search when I knew little about the specific application requirements of the German job market. I would recommend the webinars of JOBCENTRIC to anyone who would like to get great insights into the application process in Germany, from the cultural to the professional specifics.”
Nadia C., IT Professional, Munich, 2015